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I do not recommend these. Mine broke just over one month after purchasing with light use. The plastic frame is brittle and my pair cracked by the lens, making it unusable.
This is a Chinese product imitations very disappointed
I bought these because I work as a nurse and prefer to wear blank shirts instead of scrub tops. These are perfect for me and I was pretty impressed considering the poor reveiws. The shirts are breathable but keep structure. As a male who is 6 foot one 245 pounds and a little bit chubby the XL fits nicely. I will say the material is a little thin so we will see about the duribility of the shirts but I enjoy them. If you are buying them as exercise shirts I could see why the complaints are they may be see through. I wear a long sleeve under shirt underneath so Indont notice if this is true to be honest.
Really strong glasses like them a lot
I got a pair of Wranglers Authentic Outdoor Nylon Cargo Shorts for my husband recently and truth be told, he was skeptical at first. He pretty much wears cargos exclusively during the summer (with two small children he says he need the pockets) but this was the first time he tried nylon- and after a few wears, he is pretty happy with them.

The shorts are pretty standard cargos in that they have front and side pockets. They come in your basic colors- we have a slatish color billed as asphalt that is pretty neutral and goes well with just about anything- t-shirt, short sleeve button downs, etc. They pants are durable so far and seem well stitched so I anticipate we will get a few years use out of them which is about the limit we get around here. They are a bit lighter than the canvas cargos so they are a good choice on really hot days. They even have a hidden pocket which my husband found after a few uses. He says it is good to hold small things like cash, etc. He tried putting keys or a cell phone in it but that made it harder to get into the regular pocket that covered it and since it isnt as deep, it does not feel as secured. Still- its a nice feature, especially if you are walking around at night and want to stash some cash.

My husband only has one little complaint and its that that are just a bit tight in the crotch. He was thinking about the next size up (we have a 33) but as the length and waist are pretty much perfect fits, he is worried that they will be too large overall, so he is sticking to our current size. So- not a bad pair of shorts, especially in the 15-20 dollar range- we might pick up a few more pairs next summer.
They cup my balls perfectly
The watch was in good shape but the battery was already dead.
Great watch for your child! The different light options was a hit!! Disappointed that watch didnt come in original packaging.
Fit great and comfortable
I really like Levis. They usually fit good. These are just fine. Good buy.
Purchased this for a trip to Disney so I didn't have to lug my purse around. I was surprised at how large it was. Slots for ID and credit cards inside the main compartment. 2 zipper pockets on the outside, the smaller one held my Iphone X. While the locking zippers were a nice touch I ended up not using them, just turned the zippered side inward to my body. The open pocket was great for a plastic water bottle (12oz) I don't know if a larger water bottle would fit. Relatively comfortable for the many hours at a time it was used. Very pleased with this product.
Ended up giving away. Didn't like how baggy they were.
For the price these are very nice. Not very sturdy, I have broken a couple of pairs.
great price, perfect fit
Love it.. the color and the style just love it
The material is thin and stiff. Probably not what I'd grab first but I don't mind wearing them.
Bought 3 pair of these for woman friend who told me "Don't buy me any more socks!" She likes to wear the ones that go on her feet that are crazy colors, wild designs - so she took away a fun shopping experience for me, a male. But by gosh, I got even with her with these earrings! She wore a pair to work right after Christmas and everybody there went crazy they were so cute, especially after she told the story about why got them!
Very comfortable boxers. I have several different brands and this is the most comfortable.
I love how you can make it big, cause i have a big head. It covers my whole head.
I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this considering the price was so inexpensive, but I was more than a little pleasantly surprised when it came. The color is much more vibrant, the material feels really nice and it's quite sturdy. It also has small "feet" on the bottom to protect it when you set it down. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the inside liner, it reminds me of the material wind breaker jackets are made of so it makes a sound when putting things in and taking things out (the positive of this is that if I spill something on it, it will be easy to clean up) Otherwise it's perfect and the liner isn't a deal breaker for future purchases in other colors.
 Why 5 stars? Well here's the story. I purchased the polycarbonate version years ago. Recently on their site I saw their lifetime warranty for their new line of aluminum Ridge wallets. So I contacted customer support in informed that why I love my wallet there had been some cracking around the screws. And I asked if mine was covered. They stated they were no longer manufacturing that version and as such there was no warranty for it. They then went on to send me a personal email with a promotional code for over half off the current retail price. So I went ahead and ordered the Blue aluminum Ridge wallet. As for the wallet themselves they're excellent. I really had no reason to upgrade other than that the new ones are super cool and I wanted one. The only thing you need to be aware of is that if you're a person who carries cash you should consider the clip version. The wallet itself is extremely well-built and adding cards when the Ridge is full takes a little effort. I found the best way is to start pulling one side out placing your other hands thumb in between two cards and then add the new card. (See picture). So that folks is why I'm giving them 5 Stars.
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My favorite brand has become hard to find locally, will be ordering more.
Love this purse. Lots of room and compartments to keep stuff
Thankfully I read the reviews first before ordering. Typically I order a Large and wash/dry it in hot so that it shrinks to fit... but I ordered Medium based upon reviews stating they ran large... which turned out to be correct; the Medium fits me like a Large would normally prior to washing. Other than that, they appear to be softer than standard Hanes or FoTL brand tank tops... which is the major reason why I ordered these more expensive CKs.
Made out of wood and painted. Very light and cute however, not the turquoise stone look I was expecting.
Fabric was very thin and way to small